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Faculty Of Science
Monday, January 17, 2022   00:42:36
Dr Taher Rajaee
Assistant Professor, Head of Civil Eng. Dept., University of Qom, Qom.
Reviewer for ISI Journals:
Journal of Hydrology, With the grade of ISI *
Environmental Engineering Science, With the grade of ISI *
CLEAN- Soil, Air, Water, With the grade of ISI *
ISI journals Publications:
Taher Rajaee, Vahid Nourani, Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani and Ozgur Kisi, 2011. River Suspended Sediment Load Prediction: Application of ANN and Wavelet Conjunction Model. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE, Volume 16, No. 8, Agust 1, 613-627
Rajaee, T., Mirbagheri, S.A., Zounemat-Kermani, M., Nourani, V., 2009. Daily suspended sediment concentration simulation using ANN and neuro-fuzzy models. Science of the Total Environment 407, 4916-4927
Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri, Vahid Nourani, Taher Rajaee & Amir Alikhani, 2010. Neuro-fuzzy models employing wavelet analysis for suspended sediment concentration prediction in rivers. Hydrological Sciences Journal. Volume 55, Issue 7, October 2010, 1175-1189
Taher Rajaee, 2011. Wavelet and ANN combination model for prediction of daily suspended sediment load in rivers. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 409, Issue 15, 1 July 2011, 2917–۲۹۲۸
Mirbagheri, S.A., Tanji, K., Rajaee, T. Selenium transport and transformation modeling in soil columns and ground water contamination prediction. Journal of Hydrological Processes, Volume 22, Issue 14, Date: 1 July 2008, 2475-2483
Rajaee, T., Mirbagheri, S.A., Nourani, V., Alikhani, A., 2010. Prediction of daily suspended sediment load using wavelet and neuro-fuzzy combined model. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (IJEST), 7 (1), 93-110, Winter
Personal Information

Persian Language

Surname: Rajaee
Name: Taher
Nationality: Iran
Academic Rank:
Address:University of Qom,  Qom, Iran


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